This is the Ebay catch can, Air/Oil Separator set up I came up with to get rid of the OEM Crank Case Ventilation set up that fails.

I started out with a catch can from ebay. I chose a round unit anodized in black. It had to have removable top and bottom so it can be modified.

I got mine from I’LoveILtacotaco ebay store. It is $29.99 shipped and in black. They do have other color choices too.

The can itself is 3.125” in diameter x 5.750” tall. This is just the perfect size for what we are trying to accomplish here!

There are only (2) 3/8” NPT ports but I wanted to add another for a -10an to ½” NPT fitting.

To do so I needed a ¾” Drill bit which I had and a ½” NPT tap bit.

First I centered punched where I wanted the fitting

Next I used a small drill bit to start a pilot hole; afterwards I used a ¾” drill bit.

I still need to make the internal baffling and chamber separator, I will post that when I get to it.

I finished the Catch can internals Yesterday.Basically I reamed out the -10 an fitting on the catch can lid, I made it 5/8″ I.D. so it accepted the 5/8″ O.D. tube I bought from omnimodels.
That tube I brazed on with an aluminum brazing rod. Then I got some aluminum flashing from home depot, cut it into 2 circles that would fit in the catch can. I also perforated them. I measured and cut holes in the perforated circles so the 5/8″ tube can pass through. Some JB Weld was used to hold the bottom perforated circle in the catch can. Stainless Steel Scouring wool was used as a filter media. Looking at the diagram I drew up you can see that the can will always be under vacuum, Blow-by from the valve cover will be continuously coming into the catch can through the tube which will also bring in some oil. Oil and solids will be dropped and kept at the bottom while under vacuum the blow-by gasses will be filtered by the stainless steel wool before making its way to either the intake manifold under idle conditions or the turbo intake pipe during boost conditions.

This is what the set up looks like.

The check valves are really good valves from Anver, a little bit pricy and you can not just buy one but they are better then anything else out there made for turbo cars. I have a few left and they have 1/2″ NPT Female threads on each end so you can buy whatever fitting you need for your application.