I fitted the intercooler and with the whole front bumper assembly as is the unit will not fit correctly. I ended up cutting and grinding away key areas so it can fit in closer to the radiator but still allow enough airflow for the FMIC to work correctly.

The Treadstone Intercooler is 30″ total width, the core itself is 22″ wide by 12″ high by 3.5″ deep.

The aluminum front bumper reinforcement had to be notched so the cores depth could fit with a slight angle so we still get air behind it and towards the radiator. The OEM air duct in front of the grill area had to be cut down.

If you want an intercooler to fit without much modifications to the front of the cars nose you will need an 18″ wide core by 12″ high by 3″ deep. That is up to you… You can use this intercooler here to reduce the cutting as the height is shorter: Treadstone TR1035

This image shows how I modified the front Bumper reinforcement bar.

Intercooler fitment


  Intercooling is very important on cars running boost levels of 10psi or more, or cars that run 5-10psi on high compression.

For this project I have chosen the Treadstone Performance TR1235 Inter cooler.

Core Size, 12″ X 22″ X 3.5 (total length is 30″), It has 3″ inlet and outlet.

Specs posted for this core are: 1142 CFM flow rate, 760hp efficient, 1.5psi drop.

The end tanks have the built in divider to aid in getting the charged hot air up to the top of the core. Treadstone intercoolers are known to perform well and do not cost $700+.

inside core

I also purchased the items for the tubing, I went a bit overboard but this way I know what will be needed when I am putting things together. I experiment and you make out. The final costs of this will be much less for you. I got everything from Just-Intercoolers on ebay. You can request to get the couplings in black, red or blue even though the auction shows blue.

Above is the 3″ intercooler tubing kit which will go from the inter cooler to the throttle body, a few modification will be done for a few hoses etc. From this we will also get our turbo intake tubing.

Above is the 2.5″ kit which is for the turbo outlet to the intercooler inlet.

2.5″ 45 degree coupler for turbo to intercooler tubing.

2.5″ 90 degree silicone elbow, this will go on the turbo outlet on the compressor.

2.5″ to 3″ silicone reducer, this reducer will go on the intercooler inlet to the 2.5″ tubing going to the turbo outlet.

Silicone transition

3″ to 4″ coupling reducer. This is for the 4″ inlet on the compressor housing. We will use 3″ tubing here going to the filter.

I chose the Accel Kool Blue filter, angled and with a 3″ inlet, these are inexpensive decent filters. I am still up in the air about final filter choice.

Here is some reading on Intercooling on forced induction applications:

Wikipedia page on intercooling

The Turbo Regal Websites Intercooler theory

Bell Intercoolers page on intercooling

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