The home to the turbocharging project of my 330Ci ZHP. Please browse the links below the “Turbocharging” menu link on the main menu to see the components used in this turbocharging project.


You can use a standard CT3 Comp Turbo in a CT3-6265 Flavor good for 700HP. I wanted the Billet, Triple Ball Bearings and Oil-Less so the price you see is what this kind of turbo costs. If you have any questions you can find me on .

Do not forget that when going to a turbocharged application you will need to address the pressurizing of the vacuum system so some one way check valves will be needed. The brake booster will need a one way if not equipped so will the fuel tank/purge lines. Also you will need to reconfigure the Crank case ventilation system so you don’t pressurize the crankcase and blow out your dip stick or seals.

Price List of things I have: (it is not a complete list as some of the items I have are for experimentation)

  • Turbocharger – Comp Turbo CT4-6265 3BB Oil-Less : $1877
  • Turbo Manifold – Godspeed T3 cast manifold: $169.95
  • Wastegate – 38mm Vband Tial WG: $249.99
  • Turbo Lines – PTFE stainless steel line, 7 Feet: $24.43 (Votion Speed)
  • Line Fittings – x2 90º AN fittings: $19.98 (Votion Speed)
  • Line Fittings – x2 Straight AN fittings: $9.98 (Votion Speed)
  • Turbo Coolant Fittings – x2 Aeroquip FCM2521 6AN to 3/8″ NPT: $5.98
  • Wastegate Flange Gasket – Standard steel 38mm gasket, turbo manifold side: $3.45
  • Turbo to manifold Studs – x4 10mm studs: $4.20
  • Turbo to manifold Stud nuts – x4 10mm nuts: $4.20
  • Wastegate flange to manifold studs – x2 8mm studs: $2.00
  • Wastegate flange to manifold stud nuts – x2 8mm nuts: $2.00
  • Block coolant M14x1.5 6AN fitting: $7.00
  • 2.5″ and 3″ Intercooler piping, couplers and Tbolt clamps: $180
  • Intercooler 22″ x 12″ x 3.5″ Treadstone: $288
  • Intake filter Kool Blue: $25.98 (you can have your own K&N, Team Green etc)
  • 38mm standard WG flange (2 needed): $17.99 each.
  • HKS BOV: Free (had this laying around)
  • T3 turbo to manifold flange gasket: Free (had this laying around)
  • 5/8″ Heater hose Tee fitting with 6AN: $14.95
  • BMW exhaust manifold gaskets Dana Victor Reinz: $17
  • 1″ Hose for Bypass Valve return to turbo intake side
  • 38mm wastegate to MVS vband adapter: $34.95
  • 3″ Flex pipe with interlocking interior: $32.95
  • 3″ Vband clamps: $72
  • High Flow Catalytic converter,3″ Eastern Cat 200 Cell: $76  (I am going to make it removable with a test pipe for the track)
  • BMW OEM exhaust manifold studs and nuts (16 each): $18.00
  • Downpipe, 3″ exhaust, flanges, O2 Bungs: $222 exhaust pipes
  • Wastegate 1.5″ Re-Route pipes: $47 (x1 tight radius u bend, x2 45º, x1 90º)
  • Injectors – 492cc/min(48lb/hr): $122.50 (Accel 48lb injectors)
  • Engine mount: $235,
  • Tuning: $1000, Unichip Q+, Turbo Module, IDriver, Software, blank harness

Things I just bought in addition to the turbo items:

  • Oil Catch can from Ebay, round with tops and bottom covers that remove: $30
  • Vacuum manifold from Ebay: $24.90
  • Push to lock male 1/4″ O.D. tube to 1/8″ NPT fittings from Automation Direct: $4.75
  • 1/4″ Nylon black line, 100 feet from Automation Direct: $17.00
  • Fittings from AN fittings direct and -10 PTFE lines: $165.00
  • Radiator Hose 1/8″ NPT adapter coupling: $13.00