You want to turbocharge your own E46 but don’t know what to do about the engine mount? Have you gone out and spent $$$$ on a mount you have to severely modify?

I have contacted Eric over at RallyRoad for a motor mount to work with the Godspeed, Turbonetics, Treadstone manifolds and as of right now he says he has a solution for us non M3 guys. I will have this piece in a few days so I will post pictures of it as soon as it arrives. Eric says it will be a bolt on with no serious modifications needed. The only modification that might be needed is taking off about 1/8″ of the top to clearance the manifold bottom.

Eric M. Coulier
Rally Road Productions, Inc.

This image shows the overlay of the 2 engine mounts for the E46 and the yellow is the OEM mount.

The RallyRoad Productions E46 motor mount has arrived and I am posting pictures of it here.  It is a very sturdy piece and comes with a smaller diameter isolator made of a hard durometer rubber. All hardware is included.

You can get these here: RallyRoad Productions E46 Turbo Motor mount

E46 Turbo motor mount

E46 Turbo motor mount

Turbo motor mount for E46 BMW

Comp Turbo under Rally Road mount