Tony W. from UnichipWholesale came through big with this whole Unichip package to allow me the control I would need for now of the DME.

I received:

Unichip Q+

Unichip iDriver module

Unichip Turbo module

Various harness, cables needed

BMW Blank harness so the OEM harness doesn’t get cut into and everything can revert to factory if you decide to remove the Unichip.

Now on to the pics!:

unichip 001


  • Fits piggy-back style to existing electronic fuel injection systems & puts engine control back into the hands of the tuner .Renders an otherwise untuneable Engine Management System , tuneable to the extent of what Standalone systems provide & even beyond that.
  • No opening of ECU’s or burning of chips.
  • Supports just about every modern crank style . Updateable firmware means that as new crank styles are released by manufacturers the Unichip is easily upgraded to stay in touch with technology
  • The Unichip has 5 map sets available . Every chip can therefore be tuned with up to 5 completely different maps . For example :  Map1 can be used for regular fuel ; Map 2 for a 50/50 mix of Gasoline & an Alternative Fuel ; Map3 for  100% Alternative Fuel  etc.
  • Switching between maps is accomplished in 3 different ways : easiest & simplest way is via a 5-way switch (available from Unichip) which can be installed inside the car . Then there’s a Bluetooth switch (available from Unichip) which communicates with most modern cellphones . Our most popular map switching method is via our Flux Power display .
  • Manipulate 5(Unichip Q+) 0-5volt inputs.
  • Drive extra fuel injectors
  • Drive water injection
  • Drive water/methanol injection
  • Activate water mist spray for intercoolers
  • Manipulate intake manifold flaps
  • Manipulate variable cam-timing
  • Manipulate timing advance & retard (this is what the other guys wish they could do). Retard timing in one map , flick a switch & the next map speeds it up.REAL-TIME TUNING MEANS A TUNER CAN MAKE CHANGES TO TIMING & FUELING SETTINGS WHILE RUNNING A CAR ON A DYNO & OBSERVE THE RESULTS!!!
  • Manipulate air-to-fuel ratio mixtures . Whether you’re manipulating a 0-5Volt input from a MAP sensor or a frequency from a MAF , the Unichip does it all.
  • Manipulate oxygen sensor voltages . Want to clamp that 0-5Volt signal ? No problem.
  • Manipulate drive-by-wire throttles. Add-on “throttle-boosters” now available to speed up those lethargic throttles!
  • Drive extra solenoids (for gas or liquid introduction)
  • Activate radiator fan
  • Control Nitrous injection
  • Control turbo boost
  • Control a shift light (or a pilot light which lets you know that your alternative fuel is now powering the engine).
  • Install & manipulate launch control
  • Datalogging feature
  • Fit Flux Power Display easily when installing a Unichip hardwire style to a car’s ECU or to a car’s ECU via one of our blanklooms or via a Unichip Plug ‘n Play kit .