You are wondering what is an Oil-less turbocharger right? A turbocharger from the big names always had either Oil lubricated or Oil lubricated and water cooled center sections.

With the technologies spreading out to the mass market like Ball bearing centers, Billet wheel compressors. Some people are just hearing about oil-less center turbos.

How is all this relevant to our BMW M54B30 engines? Well for starters, the design of the E46 chassis and M54B30 leaves a void when it comes to turbocharging it. The engine is at a slant towards exhaust side, it has High oil capacity and when the turbo manifold is placed on the engine and then the turbo is bolted on there is very little room to do a correct angle oil drain to the oil pan.

What happens with a poorly drained turbo is that the life expectancy goes down and your car will smoke. This happens because the turbo itself doesn’t push out the oil as some people think, the oil just drips out and uses gravity to make its way down the drain line. If the drain line gets clogged or the output opening at the oil pan gets blocked by the oil sloshing around there will be a back up of oil in the turbos center section. This will lead to bad seals and oil making its way into the engine. This is bad!

Some guys have gotten smart and are making their own Scavenging pump systems but the problem is; you are making the turbo system more complex by additional wiring and another failure at the pump causing more headaches down the road.

Enter Comp Turbo out of San Dimas California.

They released their Oil-less turbo:

top of turbo

billet compressor

full shot of billet compressor

etched logo

front shot

My choice turbo for my project is an Oil-less turbo from Comp Turbo Technology Inc.

This specific turbo is a CT4-6265 3BB.

It has a .70 A/R compressor housing, 4″ inlet and 2.5″ outlet. .63 A/R turbine with 3″ Vband outlet and T3 exhaust inlet.

It comes with Billet compressor wheel, and their Patented Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearings.

This turbo has absolutely no shaft play at all!

It will allow me to easily do a turbo set up on this engine and not worry about smoking, no need to worry about turbo timers or heating up the oil of the car by the way of the turbo. NO scavenging pump needed!