This is a list of the Sponsors and Vendors, Some believed in the project and helped out to spread the “DIY Turbo Project”  to the Non M BMW community. This also includes Vendors where I bought the parts needed for the project.



  • CX Racing – Ebay Store – Intercooler piping all sizes
  • Aluminum repair rod:  Alumaloy – – I used this to braze the aluminum tube to the catch can.
  • Automation Direct – Automation Direct Website – Push-to-connect fittings and Nylon tube for Vacuum/Pressure toVacuum block.
  • Vacuum Block – Ebay Link to Vacuum block – Vacuum block I am using for the project along with the push to connect fittings for a clean look.
  • Verocious Motorsports –Verocious Motorsports Website – silicone heater hose I used for the intake manifold to catch can in 5/8″ size and the ICV to throttle body intercooler tube in 1″ size.
  • 034 Motorsport – 034 Motorsport Website – AEM Finned O2 Bung, Used for the turbo manifold mounting of the OEM Lambda sensors.
  • Vanos Repair – Beisan Systems – Vanos Upgraded seals and Anti-Rattle kit.
  • German Auto Solutions – G.A.S. Website – DISA Repair Kit! It has an aluminum plate and steel shaft so under boost it will not snap!