The wastegates. Buyer Beware

Being around cars long enough to know a thing or two, I have experience with the aftermarket, cheap and expensive.

Some ebay wastegates work for low boost and not under many racing conditions. Usually most are made in the same factory regardless of who sells them and under what name. Some are decent quality meaning that their machining process is halfway good while others tend to be, well, just play garbage.

The wastegate I had picked up from EMUSA will work, it comes dirty with metal shavings inside where the diaphragm is. Make sure if you do buy this wastegate that the diaphragm is seated well. I told them about the issue with the clamps and they were quick to ask me if I wanted to return for another. I asked them to verify the clamps before they send another one. Another person got back me and asked If I wanted a refund. So their customer service isn’t all that bad. It is best if you call them though as they are slow through email.

For the wastegate I use I will have to make a pipe with a standard 38mm waste gate flange on it to go to the manifold with a metal gasket, the other side will have the Vband ring for the waste gate to mate up to.

Here are the pics of the EMUSA MVS copy.

The flanges and the clamps that come with this unit do not clamp at all. the tolerances are too tight. A little dremel or grinding helps with the fit or get original Tial clamps if you can find them cheap.




A Video Showing an MVS Fake being tested by Tial just as they test their own units.

Tial testing fake MVS wastegate

If you want to use the REAL Tial,  Treadstone has them for $255 with spring of choice.