Updated 3/31/15

Options of tuning the car with boost and larger injectors

Stock DME Tuning:

  • ECUProgram, Send DME in and $599 gets a custom base Forced Induction Tune. 
  • Active Autowerk – I believe the guys at Active will Tune your car if you are local to them in Florida or around, they dyno tune the car.
  • S-Chip AST – Mike at S-Chip AST will tune your DME if you send it in or remote tuned. You will need a Galletto 1260 or Modified VAGCOM KKL OBD Cable and a MS45 compatible read/write software. You can read/write from OBDII Port. Contact: info@s-chip-nl
  • Frank Smith – Frank will tune your car local to Maryland on his dyno, He does live tuning using an emulator attached to the DME. His pricing is $2,000 for a car specific tune on the dyno with your turbo kit. Contact:
  • BimmerEditor Support of all major maps for tuning such as: injection, ignition, vanos control, mass air flow, idle rpm, rpm limiters and many others. BimmerEditor allows you to analyze and tune various BMW firmwares professionally. The process of firmware editing is performed in a very convenient way and gives you full control over a wide range of engine parameters. You will need a read/write tool to flash your tuned Bin files into the DME. $398
  • Alientech Powergate 3 – Reads and writes to many car ECUs/DMEs. This handheld tool reads and writes to: MS41/MS41.1/MS42/MS43/MS45/MS45.1/MSS50/ MSS52/MSS54/MSS60/MSS65/MSS70/EDC16C31/DDE4.0/BMS46. you can buy the tool and the encoder for around $458. Read time is about 6 minutes, write time can range from 5 minutes to 9 minutes. It does checksum correction too. The tool can store your original file and some tunes. It also can read and erase SES lights.


DME hardware includes:
Modular plug connectors featuring 5 connectors in the SKE housing with 134 pins.
• Connector 1 = Supply voltages and grounds
• Connector 2 = Peripheral signals (oxygen
sensors, CAN, etc.)
• Connector 3 = Engine signals
• Connector 4 = Vehicle signals
• Connector 5 = Ignition signals

European wire Pin color  codes:

Euro car Wire descriptions


Piggyback Computer:

  • Unichip Q+, Piggyback computer with software that you can get a plug and play harness for the Siemens ECU. Tuning done live like a Stand alone. $870. It can control the DISA, Variable Vanos, Throttle response, Timing (add and take timing out), control boost.

If any other options become available I will write them in here, unfortunately as of right now the more popular tuning houses do not do flashes for the DIY crowd. If that changes then they will be posted as options here.