If you want to go wild with your turbo M54 build you can get pistons, rods and more through several Vendors. For starters, VAC Motorsports has everything you will need and they even have a M54 Sleeving service!



Forged Pistons: CP Pistons – M54 Forged Piston Kit

Forged Rods: M54 Forged Connecting Rod Set

Forged Rods: M54 Molnar Technologies Rods

Forged Rods: K1 Technologies H-beam billet connecting rods

Cylinder Sleeves: M54 Flanged Cylinder Sleeve

Turbo M54 Build Internals: M54 ‘Street Series’ Turbo Build Kits

High Performance Water Pump: Stewart EMP water pump

Forged Pistons & Rods (Australia): PPM-RACING Custom Forged pistons & H-Beam Connecting Rods 

Main Bearings: ACL Main Bearings