If you are racing the E46 the first thing that people notice is how loose the rear end can get. This is due to the rubber deteriorating in the bushings.

Along with the Front Heavy Duty Meyle bushings I purchased Rear tension arm bushings from Rogue Engineering.

I also went on and bought the AKG  Steering Flex Shaft Coupling. This part is made of either aluminum or polyurethane. This allows for crisper steering as there is no flex in “rubber”. There is a slight added vibration as the steering shaft is solidly coupled rather then a rubber piece that absorbs vibration/harmonics and flexes.

Here is a quick view of how I did mine.


There are several Manufacturers and Vendors for the Bushings, Clutches, Short shift kits and other drivetrain parts:

Vorshlag – Bushings & Driveline mount products

Vorshlag – Suspension products

UCC Motorwerks – Suspension components

UCC Motorwerks – Chassis Bushings

UCC Motorwerks – Clutch kits and Lightweight flywheels

Turner Motorsports – Suspension bushings & mounts

Turner Motorsports – Drivetrain parts

AKG Motorsport – Suspension Bushings

AKG Motorsport – Motor mounts & Trans mounts

Rogue Engineering – Trans mounts

Rogue Engineering – Suspension Bushings

Bimmerworld – Mounts

Bimmerworld – Bushings

Treehouse Racing – E46 Eyeball Arms