Updated 7/3/14

   When I was going to buy my Unichip it was hard to determine if it was going to work or how would I make it work. The information is scattered and sometimes hard to find. Even after owning the Unichip for some time now I find it hard to get the info I need. I have put up some documents on this page that will help you choose or install the Unichip Q or Q+ on your car. Some of the documents on here are from Unichip and are their property. I have it here for informational purposes.

Unichip Introduction (features and some screen shots)

Unichip Advanced Launch control

How to wire a Turbo Module

Throttle Booster Module

Turbo Module and boost solenoid (external wastegate)

How to wire a MAP sensor Q

Flux2 User Guide

I-Driver Module

Unichip Wiring Schematic (Basic MS45 cars only, Non Turbo)

Unichip Wiring Schematic (Better labels on MS45 wiring, Non Turbo)

Unichip Wiring Schematic Turbocharged (MS45 cars only, Will continuously get Updated 7/1/2014)

Unichip Wiring Schematic (Basic MS43 cars only, Non Turbo)

Unichip Wired (Image)

Unichip Pin in/Out Diagram

MS43 DME Pin Out Descriptions

MS45 DME Pin Out Desciptions