For fueling we can do the stock pump and larger injectors. The injectors have 14mm orings. We have many options here and what you go with is up to you. But don’t go too crazy with the size of the injector if you only plan to run on the stock engine. The 36 lb/hr (378cc/min) injectors are what is widely used for the stock engine with about 9psi of boost. The OEM Injector size is 52mm body and 77 mm from tip to tip. 

Remember that with the OEM fuel pressure regulator at the filter the car is statically set at 3.5 bar (50.76 psi), under boost this will raise up if you decide no to go with a one way check valve in the  regulator vacuum line. Most Injectors you will find for this application will be rated at 43.5 psi. The common 36 lb/hr injectors are rated at 43.5 psi, Now installing them in the E46 330 cars that would make them flow 38.85 lb/hr (408cc/min) at the OEM 3.5 bar fuel pressure. I will be using the 48 lb/hr injectors (504cc/min), Installing them in my car with 3.5 Bar fuel pressure would bump them up to 544.44cc/min or 51.85 lb/hr injectors.This will be adequate enough on pump fuel and decent boost.

The Big White injectors shown in the picture are common and a stock part in supercharged GM engines among others. Bosch 0280155737 or 0280155811 36lbs injectors (more like 33lb/hr and are 12.2 ohm impedance).





BOSCH 0280155968We also have the other Bosch injectors as an option which are 42lb/hr (440cc/min and are 14.5 ohm impedance), Bosch 0280155968. Both of these injectors mentioned are High Impedance which will work on the DME with no injector drivers.






As I have found it, the Volvo S40 Injectors flow 440cc/min at 3 bar. enough for some of you guys. It is a siemens injector just like the OEM BMW just red with higher flow.





0280158123_Bosch Motorsport 610cc

These Bosch Motorsport units will also work, they are 590cc/min units at 3 bar! They will work really nice in the BMW M54B30.






The Siemens Injectors can be bought in different flow rates like 480cc/min, 550cc/min and 750cc/min at 3 bar.






Bosch compact with top hats

If you are going with E85 then this set up might be close to what you are looking for. they are extended nozzle Bosch Motorsport compacts with the top hats to extend them. Flowing at 1150cc/min at 3 bar from Bosch Motorsport!





FiveOmotorsport, South Bay Injectors  and many more can sell these Bosch and SIemens Injectors..


Never use Low Impedance injectors on the DME as you can fry the injector drivers.

If you want to find several matches look here:

and here: Motor Man Fuel Injection Supply

and great flow info here: Stan Weiss’ Injectors flow page


Fuel pumps

The Walbro 450 lph is king of intank pumps and if you want to go E85 and single pump then that is your monster. It flows 328 ltr/hr at 80psi!







Next pump recommendation is in the 340 lph class, The Quantum fuel pump comes with a lifetime warranty if used with either gasoline or E85, outflows the similar 340 lph pumps at higher pressures. It flows 250.47 ltr/hr at 80psi!

compare that to the Aeromotive with less warranty and flow of 220 ltr/hr at 80psi, the Deatschwerks 340 lph at 222 ltr/hr at 80psi. It is not a bad deal at all!