I went ahead and did basic wiring of the Unichip Module.

Once installed you want to use the Map called 17a or 17FT (You can use 17a or 17FT, because the vehicle use a Hall style crank sensor (Motronic 60-2) and needs to be set to A10 Pull High which is already done for you on these maps.) “FT” in Unichip terms is Full Throttle and 17FT uses the Full Throttle on the mapping options. Look Up load is set to TPS while Normally Aspirated on those starting maps.

You will need to set your RPM sites on preferences. If you are going turbo then you need to set the Unichip on the Fuel Map to learn the maximum MAF voltages at “x” RPM. This is for later use when you go turbo or supercharged. Once the MAF voltages are learned you can later clamp the signal so the DME doesn’t see above those voltages at those RPM sites.

On my car the Unichip reads maximum TPS voltage at around 3,500 RPMs which is 4.37V sometimes 4.39V. On the MAF side the maximum voltage is 4.24V after 5,400 RPMs on my car. Using the BMW Logger I see that the MAF volume is 631.41 kilograms/hour, that translates to 23.20 pounds/minute. Not bad for the car as it is rated 235 Horsepower at the Crank.

For this you want the following items:

  • Soldering Iron (you can get at Radio Shack or Harbor Freight Tools)
  • Solder
  • Heat shrink tubing (I used some that I had laying around from several car audio projects)
  • Heat gun or blow dryer for the shrink tubing
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire stripper, a good set, or a sharp edge knife or razor
  • 5k or 10k Trimmer Potentiometer (I got mine from Radio Shack)

Use this wiring diagram I created Specifically for MS45 330i/330Ci cars