You have seen it everywhere lately, show cars, performance cars, at the race tracks. Gearheads are using Vacuum manifold blocks and Push-to-connect fittings with Nylon tubing. Pretty much the Nylon will last forever, it takes well to heat and pressure. It doesn’t bubble/expand out like rubber and unlike your local auto parts store it can be had really cheap!

I searched a few places for my own lines for my project and found that had really good prices on the Black Nylon lines. On the site they have it for $17.00/100ft roll. That ends up being 17 cents…yes you read it right, 17 cents per foot! you will have enough to even make a Meth kit with it.

Automation Direct also has the Push-to-connect fittings in packs of 5 for cheap! The 5 pack costs $4.75 for smooth round 1/4″ Male fittings. That comes out to be 95 cents each. Compare to other places selling at $3.49+ for each fitting.

Push to connect male fitting

1/4″ O.D. Hose to 1/8″ NPT Threads

Nylon Vacuum Line1/4″ Nylon Hose for use as Vacuum/Pressure lines

Here are a few Vacuum Manifolds you can get for under $25:

Northern Tool and Equipment

AeroDesigns JP – EBAY

Mettle Air – EBAY store