Ok guys and gals, to tune the MS45 DME tuners had to flash it on the bench using the BDM interface on the ECU PCB. The ECU would be opened, then powered up using a +12 volt power supply and using a power cable like this From ECU Cables:


Then the tuner would set up the EVC  BDM100 or CMD Flash BDM tool (or clone) to the ECU holder frame and ECU.

bdm100MS45 BDM interconnectFinally once the tuner is all set up he/she can now start extracting the original bin file to modify using software which can cost $1,800 – $4,500 USD which puts this set up out of the reach of most peoples hands.

Some guys have the clone BDM100 tools and use TunerPro but you must have a .xdf definition file.

All that was time consuming for both the tuner and the customer that was paying for dyno time, Imagine the costs.

It is now 2014 and things have gotten better for those of you with Siemens MS45 DME’s. Some tuners are now doing live tuning using Dimsport Race software and the MET 16 EPROM emulator. This will allow live tuning on a dyno for any tuner.

Now that is all fine for the proffessionals to earn their money but how about the guy who knows tuning and knows what timing and fuel changes do?

Well, Alientech has the powergate 3 handheld module with touch screen. This is sold to many tuners to tune via the OBDII port on many vehicles. ECU program calls it their E3 programmer, VR Tuned calls it ECU Flash, Vishnu has the OpenFlash Tablet and so on but all are based on the AlienTech Powergate 3.

powergate 3

This handheld flasher can do MS42, MS43, MS45 and many more through the OBDII Port. The Powergate 3 can hold up to 5 tunes with the internal memory and holds the original bin file. The Powergate 3 does marry to your car but can be used on another car if you put the stock tune back into the car it originally was married to.

Now, the way the Powergate 3 works is for the consumer they get a Slave unit. This unit marries to the car it is used on. Now for the tuner they get the Master unit also known as the Decoder. The Decoder unit allows the encrypting and un-encrypting of the bin file that got read with the Slave Powergate 3.

The Slave Powergate 3 reads/writes an encrypted file which is not useable by anyone unless it is decoded by the Decoder unit. This is the only drawback to the unit because not everyone can get the Decoder (tuners when they sell you the Powergate 3 do not tell you that you are stuck with them for the encryption and un-encryption of your bin files. The Powergate 3 does do checksum correction.

I can get a Decoder and Slave Powergate 3 for my car to test a few things out. I can also sell Powergate 3 Slave units to you if you live in the U.S.A. This allows me to use the decoder to un-encrypt your file so you can tune your file. Once your file is tuned you then can send me the file so I can encrypt then send back to you. All you do after that is flash it into your car! MS45 tuned via OBDII port.

Wait did you just ask yourself what software to use to tune your bin file? It is a good think you did ask yourself that!

Bimmer Editor software and MS45 module is what you need!


Bim-Tun released their MS45 module, this module is basically like the .XDF file needed for the TunerPro software. The Bimmer Editor software costs $199 and the DME specific Modules like MS41, MS42, MS43 and soon MS45 cost $199 each. So basically the Bimmer Editor Software for one car is $398 then couple that with the Powergate 3 at $325 and you have a self tuning suite for $723!

BimmerEditorPro has been released, the MS45 module is currently not available for public release but for the Software versions available you will be able to do:

• project & versions control
• extended compare
• copy\paste
map axis edit (bugged them for this many
times for forced induction)Screen17
• extended content control
• multi language interface
• auto update
• working with any K-Line cable based on FTDI chips
• reading\writing calibration from ecu
• reading\clearing errors from ecu
• reading live data from ecu
• clearing adaptations


Bim-Tun is revamping their software, they call it a major update and editing axis for RPM/Load will be editable!

Also, next update to the MS45 module will have options for post cat oxygen sensors and SAP (Secondary Air Pump).

Update: 10/26/2015