This has been known some time now but I am getting around to posting it.

The machine shop agreed to make the M54 BMW guys an aluminum intake manifold flange to make custom intake manifolds. These flanges were designed after the O.E.M. intake manifold specs. I sent them a full O.E.M. M54B30 intake manifold so they can make the flange.

This is the first time that I believe a M54 intake manifold flange has been designed and made. If this flange sells a decent amount the machine shop agreed on also making runners, and a DISA compatible plenum to hold the DISA and Throttle body.

With this flange you can make custom aluminum intake manifolds for your race car or your boosted E46.




Flange detail 1

Flange detail 2

Flange detail 3

Flange detail 4

Flange detail 5

Flange detail 6

Flange detail 7

If you want a flange they will be available through me. you can contact me at

Here is the M54B30 intake manifold CNC flange drawing:

M54 Manifold flange 2 M54 Intakeflange2 M54 manifold flange


Another project is getting the Manifold runner base plates done. The holes will have machined velocity ports built in.