330CiZHPNIVOWelcome to my personal web space where I am going to share the modifications done to my BMW 330Ci ZHP with you.

You are here because you just bought an E46 non M or are looking to turbocharge your car to get some more power. You have looked all over the internet for DIY stuff to do this yourself but it has become hard to find the information needed to do the job. You are not alone as I was there long before buying my car. I have researched and studied many things about this car and the M54 Engines. First off, yes there is 1 bolt on kit out there and it is made by Technique Tuning out of Florida. But if you like to do things yourself then that kit is not for you. you like to have your own turbo choices, wastegate, intercooler.

Intercooler fitment I have to say that this DIY turbocharging project is not for the faint of heart or if you can not fabricate. You have to know that Turbocharging the car with a single turbo might convert the OEM twin bank  system to a single bank system (Lambda sensors) if installed in the downpipe, The timing will need to change under boost conditions and the engine will need more fuel via larger injectors or additional injectors. The BMW DME has a torque target limit/map that when exceeded a Service Engine Soon light will/might come on.

 I will post the modifications made to my BMW in hopes that it will help those willing to take on their own turbocharging projects of their E46 non M. Even if you have never turned a wrench I hope I am able to help you conquer your vehicle and get the performance you desire. I will be posting some “how-to” guides on the site to help you through some installs.

Most of the Turbo Kit components will be inexpensive and readily available through ebay, Comp Turbo and other vendors etc… So look for the links throughout the site for Vendors I used on this build and manufacturers.

The turbo on my build is the costliest part of the turbo kit as it is Ball-bearing center with oil-less system but it is a key component to avoid drilling and tapping the pan, avoiding oil drain issues and smoking, no turbo timers needed and more… But you can also use standard bearing turbos with billet wheels also, you will just need to tap the oil pan for the drain.

                  I am also sure that this will work on a 325i and 325Ci.

Have questions about this project or trying to take on your own Turbo project?

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